Calling all Mediterranean young professionals, researchers and students in the forestry sector to participate.

The seventh MFW facilitates the cooperation among the research community, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders, a poster session will take place during the Week in order to contribute to the creation of an environment for dialogue and knowledge sharing. 

Mediterranean youth (between 18-35 years old) are invited to submit posters to contribute to the content of the Seventh Mediterranean Forest Week through the Call for posters, open until  Monday, 28 February 2022.  

 The posters will be reviewed to select the best submissions to be exposed both physically and virtually during the Week. Note that the selected posters do not include sponsorship to travel to Turkey to attend the seventh MFW.  

 Technical specifications   

The languages accepted for the poster submission are English and French.   

 Design your poster so that it is easy to read and includes some visuals. Allocate the top of the poster for the title and authors’ names and affiliations. Attractive posters based on innovative graphical designs (e.g. infographics rather than old fashioned text and figures) are strongly encouraged. 

 Poster contest

The first place winner will receive a full sponsorship to attend the XV World Forestry Congress in Korea (2-6 May 2022), including the Congress' fees, airfair ticket and Daily Subsistance Allowance (DSA).

The second and third places will receive a free full registration fee for attending an online course on restoration addressed to young professionals with the Environment, Leadership and Training Initiative (ELTI) of Yale University  during the second semester 2022.

Winning posters will be voted according to distinguished quality and contents adhering to the themes of the seventh MFW.

Submission of posters

Please submit your poster using the following form: