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Registration for the Seventh MFW will be open until March 20th 2022

Participants must register prior to the event and can do so through our online platform by clicking he link below:

Participants may pay their fee online by Bank Card when registering, or in cash at the venue (select “Bank Card” or “Reservation” during the registration process). But please note that this choice is definitive: if you would like to pay online later, you will then have to make a new reservation.

For group registration, you may get one single invoice and pay it in advance. In that case, please make the reservation for all group participants one by one, and then contact us:


Please note that the registration to the 7th MFW is free. The payment requested upon registration will serve as a contribution as detailed below. All prices are displayed in euros with both Visa and MasterCard accepted..

Registration for the 7th MFW  includes: 

- Participation for all conference sessions (thematic and side events) at the Limak Limra Hotel in Kemer. Simultaneous interpretations will be provided in Turkish / English / French, for thematic sessions only.
- Transportation from Antalya airport to Limak Limra Hotel in Kemer.
- Coffee breaks and lunches during the week (1 lunch for 1 day rate).
- Field trip and gala dinner, for standard all week, MENA, and companion’ rates.
- Participants bag and conference documents.
- Carbon compensations measures.  

You are invited to make your own arrangements for: 

- Transportation to Turkey.
- Internal transports in Kemer during the week.
- Overnight stays at the hotel of your choice (Limak Limra Hotel is suggested with a preferential rate)
- Personal expenses.

For futher information, please contact us

Different rates are available 

- Standard rates:

- Standard week full rate: 250€. Unrestrained registration for the whole week.
- Standard 1 day rate: 80€. Unrestrained registration for one day.  

- Reduced rates:

- MENA full week rate: 100€. This rate is available for participants from Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries, including Turkey. ID will be requested at the entrance.
- Student full week rate: 50€. This rate includes only coffee breaks and lunches (1 lunch per day). Student card will be requested at the entrance.  

- Companion rates:

- Companion, field visit only: 30€. This rate allows your companion to attend the field trip on March 23rd, 2022 (subject to availability). It covers transportation to the field visit site and lunch box.
- Companion, gala dinner only: 60€. This rate allows your companion to attend the gala dinner on March 24th, 2022 (subject to availability).
- Companion, field visit and gala dinner: 90€. This rate allows your companion to attend both the field trip and the gala dinner (subject to availability).


Registration is mandatory, with fees payable by CB (secured widget) or in cash (at the venue only - select Reservation during the registration process).

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